Deferegger Healing Water World

Just outside our hotel

Some years ago, a special find was made in the Deferegger Alps: Salt water, about one million years old, was found in a layer of rock at a depth of almost 2,000 m. These are the fossil remains of the primeval sea that used to cover this part of Europe and has been preserved here in its purest form. This precious mineral water is used today to produce natural cosmetic products in St. Jakob in Defereggen which are especially recommended for people who suffer from skin disorders.

But you can't only buy the products - the Healing Water Wold (Deferegger Heilwasserwelt) can also be visited: The facade of the show and sales room, and the Place of Legends are works by the East Tyrolean artist Michael Lang. Here the healing water is bottled after drilling.

Guided tours explain Europe's oldest deep water and the Myth Path "The heritage of Beak People" written by the local author Christian Stefaner, and show you the Place of Legends and the Sirona Art World. Worth seeing!


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