Enjoy all the pleasures with your mitCharme formula

Start your day with a plentiful, high energy breakfast to fuel your activities throughout the day.  Help yourself to some crusty bread and buttery croissants with an array of jams to accompany them; try the high protein options of crispy bacon, eggs, cold cuts and cheeses; In the afternoon, following your day outdoors, the fragrance of our homemade cakes will entice you into the snack area for you to share with your loved ones. Local cold cuts and alpine cheeses are also served daily. At dinner our chefs serve some of the best Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine, even creating truly unique “hybrid” dishes combining their favorite culinary elements of the two cultures. 

The best day to begin your day


Every day should start with a friendly greeting and a good cup of coffee. At Alpenhof Hotel breakfast starts with the scent of croissants wafting through the air. In a hotel where Italian and Tyrolean cultures mix, the result is the best of both: with fresh bread and baked goods, jams, cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, tea, juice and cappuncinos, our hotel has what you are looking for. Share the special moment with the ones you love. The assortment of foods in the warm breakfast room will give you the energy and positivity to fuel your day of exploration and adventure in Tyrol.

A snack to restore you


After a day on the slopes – lush and grassy during the warm months or snow-covered during the wintery ones – our afternoon buffet has the right mix to replenish your energies. Daily from 2:30-5:00 an enticing table of cakes, soups, cold cuts and cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables await you. An assortment of hot and cold drinks accompany the bountiful snack.

Let us pamper you


At dinner enjoy some of our Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine, which combine the culinary elements of the two cultures.

After-dinner relaxation


Enjoy an after-dinner drink with your friends in our cocktail bar, the "Keller".  Immerse youorself in the Tyrolean tradition and spend quality time with your family, friend or partner playing cards. 

The valley offers an array of opportunities for

and excursions

With its countless trails, ski slopes and breath-taking scenery.

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