The mushrooms of the forest

Having fun looking for delicacies

In summer South Tyrol's forests not only invite you to go hiking, but also to collect the delicious forest mushrooms. However, a few rules must be observed.
From the forest to your plate - it doesn't get any fresher. A wide variety of edible mushrooms still grow in the local forest in August, September and October. Breaded mushrooms are cheap - tasty - and healthy, what more could you want. There is also free air and exercise ­čśë

It is forbidden:
deliberate removal, damage or destruction of wild mushrooms or their parts (mycelium system, fruiting bodies)
collecting and transporting wild mushrooms weighing more than two kilograms per person per day
the use of rakes, hooks, and similar mechanical aids when collecting wild mushrooms

It is allowed:
collecting and transporting wild mushrooms between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in an amount not exceeding two kilograms per person and day

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